The Future of Retail Payments

Reimagine retail payments with Vibecoin — a new crypto that increases earned growth (revenue growth from customer referrals) AND eliminates transaction fees.

“Earned Growth“

Simply means revenue growth attributable to customer referrals (growth earned by delighting customers who refer their friends).

“Paid Growth“

Refers to revenue growth attributable to paid advertising (growth bought by paying search engines, social networks, TV networks, direct mail marketers, etc. to interrupt people).
Paid Growth and Earned Growth are 2 sides of the same coin. In both instances, you pay a third party to help you grow your business – with paid growth, you pay companies for ads and with earned growth, you pay your customers for referrals.

Keep Local Businesses In Business With An Earned Growth Token (EGT)

Increase Earned Growth with Vibecoin Tokens
Your customers are increasingly using cryptos to earn money from investing (e.g., bitcoin, ether, shib, doge). With Vibecoin, those same customers will increasingly use a new crypto (vibecoin) to earn money when they refer their friends to your local store with an Earned Growth Token (EGT).