Vibecoin is blockchain-enabled chat app that includes its own crypto (vibecoin).


vibecoin is a zero risk, asset-backed crypto token. Unlike cryptos like bitcoin or ether, vibecoin is a stablecoin that is pegged to the US dollar. It’s a crypto designed for everyday usage. Users convert cash into a digital token (vibecoin) that anchors the value of the token to the price of the US dollar.

Like a casino token, users can always (and immediately) convert their vibecoin back to the US dollar with one click.


100% cash reserves

Every vibecoin is always backed by 100% audited cash reserves compared to 0% cash reserves for US banks (i.e., for every vibecoin issued there is a dollar equivalent held in reserves).

The value of our audited reserves will be published monthly and will always match or exceed the value of all vibecoin in circulation. Our method uses an audited Proof of Reserves (POR) approach to prove that issued tokens are fully backed and always reserved.

Local stores can sign-up to use a new chat app that will help them supercharge sales.

Zero transaction fee

With a dynamic storefront, local stores can now transact with their customers with a new, zero-transaction fee digital token that reimagines payments and customer loyalty programs.
Local stores always have the option of upgrading their FREE dynamic storefront to our premium service where they get a physical NFT (Non-Fungible Token) for their brick-and-mortar location that allows them to accept payments via their .vibecoin address.

If you’re ready for the future of local advertising, then our LIST framework is an easy way to remember how the Vibecoin app works, step by step:


After you receive your invitation, download the Vibecoin mobile app and sign-up for a dynamic storefront that allows you to list your business and local promotion for FREE.


Inform your most loyal customers that you are accepting payments with a new digital token (VIBES) that not only benefits you, but benefits them as well. Inform your customers that they can also earn VIBES for referred sales.


Stand back and let your customers do the selling. Your customers can be rewarded in VIBES for word-of-mouth referrals with a simple QR Code scan.


Start using Vibecoin and QR Codes alongside your existing payment methods. With Vibecoin, you accept payment and reward referrals with a simple QR Code scan.
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