Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Vibecoin?

Vibecoin is a new digital token that eliminates the hidden tax in retail payments.

2. What is the hidden tax?

The “hidden tax” refers to credit card transaction fees (3 – 4% per transaction) merchants pay to middlemen (e.g., banks, credit card networks, point-of-sale (POS) providers) to process credit card transactions. The hidden tax doesn't appear on our receipts, but we all pay it in the form of higher prices.

3. Is Vibecoin a cryptocurrency?

No. Vibecoin is not a cryptocurrency – it is a blockchain-based digital token. A Vibecoin is a "scrip" a representation of money, but not actually money (e.g., gift cards, tokens, chips, certificates, reward points). Tokens like Vibecoin are a great way to incentivize behavior to create desired outcomes (e.g., eliminate the hidden tax, reward consumers for influencer marketing).

4. How does Vibecoin work?

We convert cash into a digital token (Vibecoin) that anchors or tethers the value of the token to the price of national fiat currencies like the dollar, euro, pound, rupee, etc. Users can always convert their digital token back to their national currency with one click. Each entity in the Vibecoin payment ecosystem is assigned a unique QR code to be used to exchange Vibecoin. Individuals have them for their accounts and merchants have them for their stores. When either party wants to transact with the other, they simply use their unique QR code to make and receive payments.

5. How does influencer marketing work with Vibecoin?

It's really simple. A participating merchant posts a promotion that has a QR Code attached to it (e.g., BOGO, Refer a Friend). The merchant's post appears in the news feed of people that follow the brand. If a user upvotes the post, then the post will appear in news feed of people (friends) that follow the user. If the friend decides to take action and make purchase based on the merchant's post, the friend simply presents the merchant's post to the brand and the brand scans and pays the friend and the user for the referred sale.

6. What do I need to pay (or get paid) with Vibecoin?

You only need a smartphone, data connection and the Vibecoin mobile app. You simply add funds to your Vibecoin account using a credit card, debit card, ACH transfer, or wire and use those funds to make payments to participating merchants or receive payments from participating merchants.

7. How do I get my money back if I no longer want to use the Vibecoin app?

Any funds held in your Vibecoin account can be returned (refunded) to you by the method of payment provided to Vibecoin. Every Vibecoin is always 100% backed by our audited reserves, which include traditional currency and cash equivalents (collectively, “Reserves”). Every Vibecoin is also pegged 1-to-1 to the local fiat currency (e.g., 1 USDvc is always valued by Vibecoin at 1 USD).

8. How does payment work?

The payment starts when one party scans the other’s QR code. It does not matter if this scanner is the payer or the payee. The scan can be done by one smartphone to another, or by a smartphone to a QR code that is digitally represented or physically printed on a piece of paper. The payer can total the amount due into the transaction for the payee to scan, or the payee can scan the code and insert the amount to be paid. This is analogous to swiping a credit or debit card into a card reader and either accepting the amount shown or entering an amount you want to pay.

9. How do I fund my Vibecoin digital wallet?

The simplest and most common way to get funds into your digital wallet is to upload them from your bank account. Customers link a bank account and can
upload funds instantly from their bank account. However, new revenue from customers will refill a local brand's digital wallet.

10. Does my QR Code operate like a credit card?

Yes and No. Yes, in the sense, you scan it for payment at nearby merchants; however, no, in the sense, Vibecoin does not function on a revolving line of credit system. With Vibecoin, you need to pre-fund your account just like you pre-fund a debit card.

11. Why did we decide to start Vibecoin?

We believe time has finally come to eliminate the hidden tax in retail payments. Most modern payment and FinTech solutions make it easier to pay the hidden tax; however, with Vibecoin, we seek to eliminate the hidden tax.


Your payments and loyalty program are integrated in one scan


Accept Vibecoin payments with QR Codes and receive payment instantly



Unlimited, zero-fee transactions

There are no transactions fees for payments in Vibecoin.

Steps to setting up a new digital token built for local commerce

Steps for using Vibecoin