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Vibecoin is a new chat app for businesses. It uses a new crypto (vibecoin) to help local businesses grow sales with a new type of advertising (ambassador advertising).


Ambassador advertising is the opposite of traditional advertising. It is advertising where you reward ambassadors (customers who tell others about you) for performance (a sale) not vanity metrics (clicks).

The advertising industry is broken

What the advertising industry never told you is that the people who create the most value for your business (your ambassadors) are often not rewarded for the value they create despite the fact that the most powerful marketing is a recommendation from a friend.

Reward customers

Rewarding your customers for advertising is not only fair, but it is more efficient and effective than any other type of advertising.

Accept payments

Accept payments from your customers with a new crypto (vibecoin) and pay zero transaction fees — a savings of 2 – 4% per transaction.

Send Messages

Send promotional messages that can be shared by your customers that help them look good to their friends and watch your sales grow.

Your Business + Vibecoin = Customer Acquisition Made Easy

A New Customer Acquisition Channel.

Stop Interrupting and Start Chatting

Vibecoin supercharges chat to create a new customer acquisition channel that represents the future of advertising (ambassador advertising).


Stop marketing TO strangers and start marketing THROUGH your customers.

Grow your sales through your ambassador referrals

Customers referred by their friends spend more, stay longer and are more profitable overall. Unlike traditional advertising, referrals via chat are more targeted and tend to reach people who are actually interested in the thing being shared.

Traditional Advertising


is a complex, expensive and intimidating way for a business to acquire new customers — you broadcast ads to a bunch of strangers and hope they buy.


It’s like approaching a bunch of strangers and asking them for a date.

1. Acquire new customers

Ambassador Advertising


is a simple, low-cost and friendly way to acquire new customers — you simply market through your existing customers that love you.


It’s like asking a friend to introduce you to one of their friends.


It costs 5X – 25X more to acquire new customers with traditional advertising than it does to retain existing customers.



You spend your hard-earned money trying to acquire new customers but more than 99% of the ads you buy are ignored, so you often get no sales from your ad spend.

2. Cost


With Vibecoin, we lower the costs to acquire new customers with a non-traditional form of advertising (chat + ambassadors + crypto rewards).

Ambassador advertising operates more like Groupon except you don’t pay us a fee per item sold. Instead you pay your ambassador ONLY IF their referral generates a sale for your business — no sale, no payment.


You pay a company to introduce you to strangers.

3. Company or Ambassador


You pay your customers to introduce you to their friends.


Thinking about advertising?
Think about Vibecoin and Ambassador Advertising

Supercharge your business with a new chat app that allows you to reward your most loyal customers and their friends with a new crypto (vibecoin) for simply supporting your business.

Jim Rohn


One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.

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