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Over 65% of new business comes from customer referrals.

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Grow your sales profitably with a new chat app that allows you to reward your customers for word-of-mouth marketing

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    We help local brands and their customers win with web3

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    One customer, well taken care of, could be worth more than $10,000 in advertising.

    Vibecoin is where commerce happens

    Reimagine Messaging with Vibecoin

    Vibecoin is the future of local advertising. Stop paying platforms for vanity metrics (e.g., clicks, impressions) and fraud (e.g., bots that generate false clicks or false impressions). Start paying your customers for sales with seamless micro-payments (e.g., discounts, credits, free products, crypto) when they refer friends.

    Businesses that don’t reward their customers for referrals will be left behind by those that do. Get early access and start generating profitable sales today!